Jack’s Basket Room

Jack’s Basket Room is an Indie Rock / Americana band from Helsinki, Finland. Some say that Jack’s Basket Rooms music takes you to a journey, which begins from a dusty bar in Helsinki and continues through the Caribbean nights straight into the Mexican cemetery, “Caribbean-Country”. Be that as it may Jack’s Basket Rooms influences lean heavily into American roots music and you can find tones of Alt-Country, Blues, Folk and Rock & Roll from their music. The Band was formed in 2015 and has now released two recordings, adventurous “Vanilla Club” EP (2018) and their debut album “Welcome To” (2017). JBR has grown steadily and is now 6-8 piece band. The band is planning to return to studio at the end of 2018 to record their second full-length album. So near future plans include playing lots off shows and releasing new music. So stay tuned.